Iraqi TV program plants fake bombs in celebrities' cars

Controversial hidden video prank show to continue to be aired throughout Ramadan despite protests that subject matter is too close to reality.

A controversial hidden video television show broadcast in Iraq during Ramadan has been pulling pranks on celebrities, planting fake bombs in their vehicles and convincing them they are headed for prison after the devices are discovered by Iraqi army personnel at checkpoints, the New York Times reported on Monday.
The show has continued to be broadcast throughout the fasting month despite numerous protests being held objecting to its making fun of a serious issue.
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It is unclear whether or not the show is staged with the celebrities being in on the prank.
Many famous Iraqis have objected to the program and several newspapers have complained about the subject matter of the show which they contend is too close to Iraq's daily reality to be joked about.
The show is called "Put Him in Bucca," referring to Camp Bucca, a high security prison that held thousands of Iraqi detainees before being closed in 2009.
The program's producers defended the show, saying that it was only entertainment and nobody was harmed.  They added that the episodes are broadcast only after the celebrities involved give their consent.