Islamic Jihad mob kills alleged collaborator

Bassem Malah was due to be married next week.

fatah riot 298.88 (photo credit: Associated Press)
fatah riot 298.88
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Five gunmen shot dead an alleged collaborator in front of hundreds of people in a public square in the Jenin refugee camp on Sunday, accusing him of giving information to Israeli authorities, witnesses said. The gunmen, who identified themselves as members of Islamic Jihad, accused the victim of helping Israel killed two terrorists last week in a targeted attack, said witnesses and Islamic Jihad members. Sunday's killing came in response to a helicopter attack on the homes of the two last Wednesday, said an Islamic Jihad official. The victim was identified as Bassem Malah, 22, who worked in Umm el-Fahm. He was due to be married next week. Islamic Jihad said he also worked for the Israeli security services. About 500 people were in the square when the unmasked gunmen fired into Malah's chest. Some were chanting "Allahu akhbar" and anti-Israel slogans, witnesses said. After the killing, some bystanders put shoes on the head of the corpse, as a sign of disgrace, they said.