Jacey Herman's special reports from Lebanon

lebanon protest 298.88 (photo credit: AP)
lebanon protest 298.88
(photo credit: AP)
A struggle for normalcy in Lebanon Lebanese were once divided along religious lines. They are now split along political affiliations. Hizbullah-backed Christian general vies for power Aoun, a former PM and commander of the Lebanese Army, was forced into exile for 15 years by Syria. Jumblatt: Hizbullah protest is attempted coup Druse leader accuses Syria and Iran of using the demonstration as a front to block the Hariri tribunal. Sunnis begin to rally behind Saniora "Only the Lebanese flag can protect us from them," Sunni resident says. "They don't want Lebanon, they want Syria and Iran." Amin Gemayel: We can't afford civil war Father of slain Lebanese politician tells 'Post' how family is coping with tragedy. Pierre Gemayel mourners blame Syria Supporters of Lebanese minister: "If our people keep dying, what will become of us?" A strange calm prevails in bombed-out south Lebanon The mood in the village is calm and residents here don't expect a repeat of the recent war - at least not any time soon. Lebanese soldiers dot the landscape every few hundred metres. They won't talk to journalists and simply wave us through their checkpoints.