Jordanian court sentences al-Zarqawi to death

Jordan's military court on Sunday sentenced three men - including al-Qaida in Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and another fugitive in absentia - to death for a failed suicide bombing on the Jordanian-Iraqi border a year ago. The court said it found Saudi terrorist Fahd Noman Suwelim al-Feheiqi - the only defendant in police custody - guilty of the planned terror attack, which the prosecution said targeted civilians on the border a year ago. Al-Feheiqi was arrested December 3, 2004. The guilty verdict can be appealed. The planned attack, which failed when the bomber's vehicle drove into a ditch, was intended to coincide with a blast that killed two U.S. troops at an American forward operating base near the Iraqi-Jordanian border last December. Jordan is a key US ally and a fervent supporter of America's global war on terror.