Jordanian police arrest 120 in bomb case

Police said Friday they had arrested 120 people, mainly Iraqis and Jordanians, in the nationwide manhunt for those behind the triple Amman hotel bombings. Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed the bombings were the work of four Iraqis - including a husband and wife suicide team. Jordanian authorities have not yet said with certainty that Iraqis were involved in Wednesday's attack, but speculation has been high that al-Zarqawi was working to spread his terror group's influence outside of Iraq. So far, Jordanian police had said only that three male suicide bombers - including one with an Iraqi accent - were behind the attacks. Authorities could not confirm the al-Qaida claim but said they were looking into it. The official said police have detained and are interrogating some 120 people of "of different nationalities, mainly Iraqis and Jordanians." "Scores have been rounded up in different parts of the country since the attacks," the official said. "We don't know if any of them were involved in the attacks or assisted the suicide bombers. Many may simply be innocent."
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