Journalist close to Hizbullah threatens continued attacks on Israel

If Israel does not provide Hizbullah with maps of mines and cluster bombs in southern Lebanon, the group will have justification to continue to attack the Jewish state, a journalist affiliated with the organization wrote in Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar Monday. According to Ibrahim Al-Amin, this would merit "a thousand attacks on Israel and the killing of as many Israeli soldiers and civilians possible." He said that Hizbullah would continue to act against Israel "as long as the Israeli killing machine continues." Al-Amin added that revenge for the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh in February is still to come. "We may witness many things that may seem like punishment, but there is a big event that must take place that will have the scope of [Mughniyeh's killing]." Hizbullah has blamed Israel for the arch-terrorist's killing, but Jerusalem has denied involvement.