'Journalists Colvin, Ochlik buried in Homs'

Activists post video showing two bodies wrapped in white shrouds, marked with the journalists' names.

Marie Colvin in Misrata_390 (photo credit: Reuters)
Marie Colvin in Misrata_390
(photo credit: Reuters)
BEIRUT - American journalist Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik were buried in the Syrian city of Homs where they were killed in shelling eight days ago, according to videos posted on the Internet.
A man who appeared in the videos showed two bodies wrapped in white shrouds, marked with their names, and said they were buried because electricity cuts in the besieged city meant the bodies could no longer be prevented from decaying.
"Marie Colvin was martyred in Baba Amro because she was sending ... a humanitarian message, carrying the truth about what was happening in Baba Amro," said the man, wearing medic's clothes, surgical mask and a stethoscope.
Activists say Colvin and Ochlik were killed on Feb. 22 during intense bombardment of the Baba Amro district of Homs, a stronghold of rebels fighting President Bashar Assad.
The videos were dated Feb. 27.
French journalists Edith Bouvier, who was wounded in the same bombardment that killed Colvin and Ochlik, and William Daniels escaped to Lebanon on Thursday, France's President Nicolas Sarkozy said.
Their evacuation took place on the same day that most rebels pulled out of Homs after more then three weeks of bombardment and siege in which hundreds of people were killed and food, water and electricity supplies were cut.
Syria's state news agency subsequently reported on Thursday that authorities had found the bodies of Colvin and Ochlik, and that they would be transferred to Damascus for DNA tests and then delivered to the Polish and French embassies.
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