Kuwait's Cabinet resigns to pre-empt vote of no-confidence

Parliament speaker says emir has accepted resignation.

kuwaiti emir 88 (photo credit: )
kuwaiti emir 88
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Kuwait's Cabinet has resigned and the emir has accepted the resignation, the parliament speaker said Sunday. "As far as I know, the resignation has been submitted to the emir, and it has been accepted," Jassem al-Kharafi told reporters. He said he believes the ruler, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, will ask the prime minister, Sheik Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah, to form a new Cabinet. The move had been widely expected to pre-empt a vote of no-confidence in the health minister, who is a member of the ruling family. Earlier, a lawmaker had said the Cabinet resigned. On Feb. 19, the health minister, Sheik Ahmed Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, defended himself in parliament against accusations of mismanagement and incompetence, but lawmakers were unconvinced and decided he should face a vote of no-confidence, which was scheduled for Monday. Cabinet officials could not be reached for comment. Kuwaiti governments have previous pre-empted votes of no-confidence by resigning and Cabinet reshuffles. The Cabinet was formed July 10, after parliamentary elections. It had 16 members, but information minister, Mohammed al-Sanoussi, resigned Dec. 17 to avoid questioning in parliament. He was not replaced.