Lebanese army finds hidden missiles

75 Grads uncovered in a flourmill had been stored near the border for 10 years.

grad rocket 298 ch 1 (photo credit: Channel 1)
grad rocket 298 ch 1
(photo credit: Channel 1)
The Lebanese army uncovered 75 Grad missiles in southern Lebanon, local security forces reported on Saturday. The missiles were found on Friday night in a flourmill in the village of Al-Biri and most likely belonged to the Islamic group al Jama al Islamiya. It appeared that the missiles had been hidden for over 10 years near the Israeli border, and were only transferred to the mill a few months ago. The owner of the mill was arrested, along with his wife, son, cousin and other suspects. In the past weeks, southern Lebanese residents have reportedly been amassing weapons in case a civil war were to erupt. The Lebanese army said it was trying to minimize the weapons transfers in the area, but due to insufficient equipment, its efforts were limited.