Lebanese bloggers express their views on the crisis

The six-day battle waged by Israel and the Hizbullah has taken a heavy toll on both sides.

Labanon flag 88 (photo credit: )
Labanon flag 88
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The six day crisis best described as a war being waged by Israel and Lebanon has taken a heavy toll on both sides. Below is a selection of blogs by Lebanese civilians as they live through yet another tragic chapter in their country's history. Quiet Evening, but Borders Still Under Attack Intro: This blogger explains how Shia communities in the south are becoming increasingly disheartened due to the IDF campaign and expresses concern that the Lebanese government may no longer be able to maintain sectarian peace in the country. Background: I'm an information analyst, journalist, and graduate student in Beirut. I'm originally from the Bekaa, and I've lived in Lebanon, Africa, Europe, and North America. Broken Heart Intro: This blogger longs for the period, just a few weeks ago, when the most upsetting thing in her life was watching her team exit the world cup. She relates to the fear of living in what has become a war zone and contemplates how many more times her country can be destroyed and rebuilt. What Comes Next? Intro: This blogger believes Israel has little hope in removing the threat of Hizbullah due to its large body of support from within Lebanon. Undersige thanks to Hezballah Intro: A 28-year-old blogger that works in telecommunications expresses his anger with Hizbullah and its supporters for its recent action that triggered the crisis and caused suffering for the people of Lebanon. Reasons behind Israeli brutal invasion Intro: A blogger offers an insight into the Israeli and Hizbullah leaders' psyche, their reasons for attacking Lebanon and how the conflict may pan out. Spin the war Intro: A 27-year-old Beiruti doctor suggests an interesting marketing campaign to help rebuild Beirut once peace returns to the region. Compiled by James Goldstein