Lebanese break Guiness record for biggest glass of wine

At Beirut festival, some 100 glasses of wine poured into huge glass that measures 2.4 meters in height and 1.65 meters in width.

Huge Wine Glass 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Huge Wine Glass 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Lebanon broke the Guiness World Record for world's largest glass of wine on Friday, when organizers of a wine festival poured some one hundred bottles of Lebanese wine into a glass measuring 2.4 meters high and 1.65 meters wide, Reuters reported.
The record set in the capitol city of Beirut broke the previous mark set in Portugal 12 years ago.
The festival's organizers said the wine used in the record-breaking was contributed by Lebanese winemakers seeking to promote their product, half of which is exported.
Lebanon can add its new record to the impressive list of records it already holds, including world's biggest serving of tabbouleh and world's biggest bowl of hummus.