Lebanese leader: Lahoud is unconstitutional

Lebanese political leader Walid Jumblatt said Thursday he will consult his domestic political allies on holding free presidential elections soon to replace Lebanon's pro-Syrian president who he claimed is unconstitutionally holding the job. Jumblatt, who is part of the anti-Syrian opposition trying to oust Emile Lahoud, said Security Council resolution 1559 adopted in September 2004 aimed called for free and fair presidential elections under a constitution drafted without foreign interference. But hours after it was approved, Lebanon's Parliament changed the constitution to give Lahoud a second term. "Lahoud, according to 1559, is unconstitutional," Jumblatt told a news conference at the UN Correspondents Association. "So when I'll go back to Lebanon, I have to consult with my allies and to see how to fulfill one day - I hope the sooner the better - a new candidate according to free elections, free presidential elections, not imposed by the Syrians."