Lebanese MP: No prisoner negotiations

Hizbullah MP Hub-Allah contradicts statements made by Hizbullah leaders.

regev 298.88 ch10 (photo credit: Channel 10)
regev 298.88 ch10
(photo credit: Channel 10)
There are no negotiations with Israel on any possible exchange of prisoners, Hizbullah member of Lebanon's parliament Hassan Hub-Allah said Friday. Hub-Allah spoke to Kol Al-Arab, a newspaper published in Nazareth. "Any possible release of the soldiers would have to be part of a deal," said Hub-Allah. "We demand the release of all the Lebanese, Arab and Palestinian prisoners, that will be conducted indirectly between us and the Zionist enemy." He added that, currently, no negotiations are being held. In addition, he stated, Hizbullah would respond in the near future to Israel's fly-overs. Hub-Allah's statements contradict other claims by Hizbullah leaders published last month on Al Jazeera. Hizbullah leaders Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and deputy leader Sheikh Naim Kassem have previously spoken about secret meetings on the details of a possible exchange deal.