Lebanese paper: Shin Bet gave Palestinian polio

'As-Safir' claims an Israeli agent paid a prisoner to put a pill in a fellow Palestinian's drink, leading to his paralysis.

Prison jail generic (photo credit: Courtesy)
Prison jail generic
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported on Thursday that Israel drugged a Palestinian prisoner, infecting him with Polio.
"The family of captive Palestinian Haitham lives in the city of Ramallah in a state of fear and anxiety and continuous crying," the article says, "after hearing that its son was detained in a Beersheba prison. He may die at any moment, having been afflicted with polio as a result of Israeli intelligence pill DDS that was put in his drink."
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As-Safir claims that an Israel Security Services (Shin Bet) agent named "Jacob Eichel Kadouri" paid a prisoner named Talal $3,000 to put a red pill in Haitham's coffee.
The paper quotes Haitham's father as saying that his son is paralyzed and vomiting blood. "The eight members of my family, along with Haitham's friends, carried out a sit-in in Ramallah to expose the issue, since no one has done anything yet."
"We do not know what will happen to Haitham," he reportedly said, "but his life is threatened."
He added that all of the information he has comes second hand, and he has not contacted his son in ten days.
"If things don't move forwards during the next few hours, I and my family will burn ourselves in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Ramallah in order to alert the world to our cause," Haitham's father said. "When I die, my son will say to everyone that I was a hero martyr."
DDS, the pill As-Safir claims gave Haitham polio, is another name for Oleptro, an antidepressant.