Lebanon: 3 held on breaking Hariri witness' home

Too much zeal for reporting may have led three Lebanese journalists to break into the apartment of a key witness in the slaying of former Prime Minster Rafik Hariri - but the rash move cost them 42 days in jail and got them released on bail only Wednesday. Reporter Firas Hatoum from the local New-TV station, a cameraman and an assistant, were let go on 500,000 Lebanese pounds (US$333; €257) bail each, the station's news editor, Mariam al-Bassam, said. The three left the central Roumieh prison east of Beirut where they were held since their arrest in December, their spirits seemingly unaffected by time spent inside. "We entered prison with our heads high and we leave it with our heads high," Hatoum told his station by telephone as he got into a waiting car, minutes after the release. He added he will have "a lot to say" about his detention.