Main points of document to be put to to referendum by Abbas

The document, negotiated earlier this month by senior Palestinian prisoners held by Israel has 18 points: 1. Establishment of a Palestinian state, return of refugees to their homes. 2. Incorporate Hamas and Islamic Jihad into PLO. 3. Resist Israeli occupation of lands captured in 1967 (West Bank and Gaza). 4. Formulate political plan including Arab summit resolutions, PLO platform and fair international proposals. 5. Consolidate the Palestinian Authority as the core of the state. 6. Set up a national unity government for all factions, especially Fatah and Hamas. 7. PLO and President Mahmoud Abbas would be in charge of peace negotiations. 8. Freedom for all Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. 9. Aid for refugees. 10. Set up united movement for resistance against Israeli occupation with political backing. 11. Maintain democratic elections and politics. 12. Condemn Israeli and US siege on Palestinian people. 13. Promote national unity by backing the Palestinian Authority, president, PLO and government. 14. Ban on use of weapons in internal conflicts and renouncing divisions and (internal) violence. 15. Improve participation of people of Gaza in freedom and independence. 16. Reform and develop the security forces. 17. Pass laws to reorganize the security forces and ban security officers from political activity. 18. Boost efforts of international solidarity groups in struggles against Israeli occupation, settlements and security barrier.