Market bomber in Anbar, Iraq kills at least 15

A suicide bomber struck a gathering of anti-al-Qaida tribal leaders in troubled Anbar province on Tuesday, blowing up his car as they met, killing at least 15 people, police and hospital officials reported. The elders belonged to the al-Buissa tribe, a majority of whom have joined in an alliance, the Anbar Salvation Council, against the group al-Qaida in Iraq. Police said the car bomb exploded in their midst as they sought to solve a tribal dispute in a market in Amiriyah, 65 kilometers west of Baghdad. As many as 18 people were killed and 15 wounded, according to police and Dr. Ahmed Hussein of Fallujah hospital. A US military spokesman in the area, Marine Maj. Jeff Pool, put the number of dead at 15 and the wounded at 13.