Moallem: Don't believe Israeli claims

Syrian FM tells US Damascus has a positive impact on region.

walid moallem 311 (photo credit: AP)
walid moallem 311
(photo credit: AP)
The US foreign policy on Syria stands in contrast to international recognition of the country’s constructive role, Syrian Foreign Minister Wallid Moallem said on Saturday.
The Syrian foreign minister was replying to a question posed to him by the Syrian news agency concerning hints by US administration officials that Damascus had transferred Scud missiles to Hizbullah. "We are concerned about the broader issue of the nature of Syrian support to Hizbullah involving a range of missiles, including that one," White House spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters ahead of an address by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton several days ago.
RELATED:Iran: We'll cut off Israel's armsSha'aban: Scud charges aim to harm SyriaUS: Scud delivery uncertainHizbullah admits receiving Syrian Scuds    In remarks carried by SANA, Moallem responded that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s positive impact on the “security and stability” of the Middle East was being cast aside in favor of “the American fabricated campaign before the war on Iraq.”
Moallem said Damascus “warns the United States of adopting Israeli false allegations,” referring to the fact that the Scud issue had first been raised by Israel, which went so far as to threaten to retaliate against both Lebanon and Syria in the event that the missiles were used.
The US, he added, must “confirm that what actually destabilizes the region is the US excessive supply of all sophisticated weapons to Israel and its going along with the Israeli government's false allegations at our expense.”
Two weeks ago, Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri made similar remarks, denying the Scud allegations and comparing them to the American charges that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction ahead of the 2003 US-led invasion.
AP contributed to this report.