Muslim killed in Egyptian sectarian violence

At least one person died, 43 were hurt and 50 arrested as clashes between Muslims and Christians resumed Sunday in Egypt's second-largest city, while religious leaders and politicians sought to ease sectarian tensions in the aftermath of a series of weekend attacks on Coptic churches. The dead man was a Muslim, and at least 43 other young men of both faiths were wounded when fighting that broke out shortly after Copts ended a Sunday service in one of the main downtown churches, according to police officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters. About 2,000 riot police cordoned the front of the Saints Church to prevent a larger melee after some 200 young men left the church carrying wooden crosses, clubs and machetes. At least 22 people were wounded in clashes in the Mediterranean city on Saturday and 15 people were arrested in the fighting police said was instigated by "fanatics."