Nasrallah: Continue arming to fight Israel

Nasrallah Hizbullah to

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hizbullah nasrallah pickaboo 248 88
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Hizbullah will improve its weapons capabilities to face off any Israeli threat, the group's leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's said Monday, adding that armed struggle was the only way to regain "Arab lands" captured by Israel. Nasrallah's remarks signaled the group has no intention of meeting a United Nations resolution requiring it to give up its weapons. Nasrallah gave no details on the weapons plans, but Hizbullah has said it has tens of thousands of rockets. The IDF contends that since the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah has tripled its prewar arsenal to more than 40,000 rockets, some of which can strike virtually anywhere in Israel - a dramatic improvement over the short-range missiles fired in the 2006 conflict. Nasrallah said the buildup was necessary. "The continuation of Israeli threats against Lebanon ... force the resistance to seek more power in order to improve its capabilities," Nasrallah told reporters via video link from a secret location. His comments came during a news conference to announce the group's new political manifesto, the second such manifesto since Hizbullah was founded in 1982. While the group remains determinedly anti-Israel, its manifesto showed some signs of moderation on the Lebanese political scene, where Hizbullah holds sway with two members in the cabinet and 11 of the parliament's 128 seats. The Shi'ite Muslim group's first manifesto in 1985 called for establishing an Islamic state in Lebanon, but the new manifesto did not mention an Islamic state and underscored the importance of coexistence among Lebanon's 18 religious sects. The UN resolution that ended the 2006 war calls on Hizbullah to disarm.