Nasrallah, Hamas praise 'Naksa' border marches

Hezbollah leader says protests show how US is trying to hijack "Arab Spring"; Hamas encourages more marches at Israeli border.

Nasrallah 311reuters (photo credit: reuters)
Nasrallah 311reuters
(photo credit: reuters)
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas both praised on Monday the Syrian protesters who attempted to breach the border with Israel on "Naksa Day." Nasrallah said that demonstrators in the "occupied Syrian Golan formed a clear picture of the aims of the [Syrian] nation," Lebanese news channel Al-Manar reported.
Speaking at a conference called "Imam Khameini the Intellectual," Nasrallah said that the protests clearly show "the efforts of the US administration to hijack the Arab revolutions," criticizing what he sees as the US government's hypocrisy when it comes to Middle Eastern reform movements.
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"This event proves Washington's commitment to Israel's absolute security, the same Washington that speaks to us about human rights and freedoms," Nasrallah added.
Despite wide scale protests at the Syrian border, protests in Lebanon remained relatively quiet. The Lebanese authorities had reportedly successfully convinced protesters to refrain from a border march, fearing a repeat of the May 15 "Nakba Day" rally that saw 13 Palestinians killed.
Hamas also praised demonstrators on the Israel-Syria border protesting on the anniversary of the 44th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War, and called on the marchers to continue their efforts, Israel Radio reported.
On Sunday, hundreds of Syrian attempted to break through the border with Israel, with the Syrian health ministry reporting 23 dead as a result of IDF fire.
The IDF has denied the Syrian death count, and Defense Secretary Ehud Barak said it was likely that less than 20 people were killed.