Nasrallah says Lebanese dialogue has failed

Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Sunday a dialogue among feuding Lebanese leaders has failed to resolve the country's political crisis and proposed a public referendum or early parliamentary elections as a way out of the four month long stalemate. Nasrallah also vowed that Hizbullah will keep its weapons until a strong Lebanese army capable of defending the country against Israeli attacks is established. The Hizbullah leader apparently was responding to repeated calls by the country's anti-Syrian parliamentary majority for his group to disarm in line with a UN resolution that ended last summer's Israel-Hizbullah war. Nasrallah spoke at a ceremony in south Beirut marking the graduation of more than 1,700 Hizbullah supporters from Lebanese universities. After his speech that lasted more than an hour, he handed certificates to the graduates during the ceremony attended by thousands of people.