Nasrallah: We're ready for any of Israel's crazy adventures

During meeting with Lebanese religious leaders, group's leader says it's stronger, braver and more experienced now.

Nasrallah at mike 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 1 [file])
Nasrallah at mike 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 1 [file])
Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah issued a warning to Israel on Monday, saying that the guerilla group is prepared to deal with any "crazy adventure launched by the Zionist enemy." "Israel will suffer an even greater defeat than that which was suffered during that July, because Hizbullah today has become stronger, braver, and more experienced," Nasrallah said during a meeting with senior Lebanese religious leaders. The Hizbullah leader also condemned American influence in the region, saying that "the American plan has begun to collapse throughout the Muslim world, and [the United States] is just moving from failure to failure." Just three days ago, a two hour interview with Nasrallah was aired on a Lebanese TV station, during which he said that he is willing to negotiate returning to Israel the remains of several soldiers killed during the Second Lebanon War. Nasrallah made no mention of reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, whose capture sparked the war. Nasrallah was quoted as telling a Lebanese TV station that negotiations with Israel were taking place, but progressing slowly. He said that Israel seemed less anxious to receive the remains of several fallen soldiers that would seem to follow a deal made several weeks ago, when the body of a drowned Israeli was returned for a wounded Hizbullah fighter and the remains of two others. The cleric added that within two to three weeks it could be appraised if the negotiations will bear fruit. Nasrallah added that Hizbullah was preparing for a war against Israel but said another round of fighting is not expected in coming months. Hizbullah was following the IDF's maneuvers in the North and its attempts to recuperate from the war, Nasrallah was quoted as saying. Earlier in the interview, which lasted for two hours, Nasrallah said that "[Hizbullah] influences how Iran acts in the Middle East more than Iran influences [Hizbullah]." He also accused Israel of being behind the political assassinations in Lebanon.