Negative campaign advertising, Egyptian style

Muslim Brotherhood supporters post image attacking former Mubarak spy chief for "working for Israel's best interest."

Doctored Suleiman photo with Israeli flag (photo credit: Facebook)
Doctored Suleiman photo with Israeli flag
(photo credit: Facebook)
A run by young supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood posted an image of presidential candidate - and ex-president Hosni Mubarak's former spy chief - Omar Suleiman waving to supporters in front of an Israeli flag.
Text running alongside the image says "Omar Suleiman: Working for Israel's best interest."
Suleiman said Friday he would run for Egypt’s presidency, reversing an announcement he had made just the day before. He had briefly pulled out of the race Thursday after saying he had failed to overcome administrative regulations required to run.
The 74-year-old was Mubarak’s most trusted envoy to Israel and is well-connected in Jerusalem. US diplomatic cables released last year by WikiLeaks showed that in 2005 he had promised Israel he would prevent Hamas from taking control of Gaza in elections scheduled for the following year (the Islamist group won a decisive victory and subsequently seized control of the Strip).
After Gilad Schalit’s capture by Gaza-based terrorists the following year, Suleiman served as mediator between Israel and Hamas in negotiations for the IDF soldier’s release.
The WikiLeaks cables quoted a US intelligence analyst as saying there is “no question that Israel is most comfortable” with Suleiman as a potential successor to Mubarak.