New video shows British hostage kidnapped in Iraq

The British Embassy said Sunday it has received a new video showing one of five British hostages seized by gunmen from Iraq's Finance Ministry nearly two years ago. The kidnappers have demanded that the US military release the founder of a Shi'ite militia group blamed for the brazen abductions, while the British have asked that he remain in custody as long as the hostages are not freed, according to one official familiar with the case. The official declined to be identified because he wasn't authorized to release the information. The five Britons - a management consultant named Peter Moore and four of his security guards - were seized by heavily armed men in police uniforms in May 2007 from the Finance Ministry. They were driven away toward Baghdad's Shi'ite enclave of Sadr City. The British Embassy confirmed it had received a tape of one of the British hostages but refused to identify him or provide details on how it received the video.