'No Red Cross visit for Schalit'

Hamas again denies humanitarian request over security concerns.

Schalit video  248.88 (photo credit: )
Schalit video 248.88
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Hamas has once again turned down new demands made by the Red Cross to visit captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported Wednesday.
In an interview with Hamas newspaper, Falastin, four years after Schalit was captured, Hamas lawmaker Yichia Musa said that the Red Cross had not taken into consideration the reality and situation on the ground as well as the political and military issues involved.
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Musa explained that Hamas's concern was based on the security of the location in which the soldier was being held. The Red Cross would not be able to "guarantee Schalit's safety," the Hamas official was quoted as saying.
"Handling this matter in an unthoughtful way will encourage Israel to engage in an operation to rescue Shalit from captivity with force, something that may endanger everyone involved," Musa warned.
He declared that the Red Cross "can discuss the rights of 8,000 Palestinian prisoners which Israel is denying humanitarian rights to in a way that clearly exposes their [Israel's] offensive manner, 'Schalit Law' being a recent example."
In addition, Musa explained that Hamas has been replying to demands in negotiations with Israel and transferred letters from the Schalit family to Gilad.
"We cannot continue to send letters to and from Gilad since Israel is using special technology to try and locate his [Gilad's] location. This damages our efforts to end the suffering of Palestinian prisoners," Hamas lawmaker concluded.