Nun and priest join Palestinians as human shields

An American priest and nun camped out Wednesday at a Palestinian terrorist's home that Israel has targeted for destruction, the first foreigners to join a weeklong standoff between Palestinian "human shields" and the IAF. Father Peter Dougherty, 65, and Sister Mary Ellen Gundeck, 55, both Michigan-based peace activists, said they were sent by God to help protect the Palestinians. The pair arrived Wednesday morning at the family home of Mohammed Baroud, a terror operative involved in rocket attacks on Israel, and said they would stay for several hours. Dougherty and Gundeck said they had visited several of the houses under threat on Tuesday, and on Wednesday reached Baroud's three-story home. "It is wrong for Israel to bomb people's houses," Dougherty said. "We are here in solidarity, and to try communicate to the world what is really going on." The nun and priest, dressed in shirts and pants, said they were staying for several hours at each of the targeted houses. They were warmly welcomed by Ahmed Baroud, the terror operative's brother.