PA hands Israel W. Bank-made Kassam

Army Radio says Palestinian security forces find rocket ready to launch.

kassam before launch great 248 ap (photo credit: AP)
kassam before launch great 248 ap
(photo credit: AP)
The Palestinian Authority handed a Kassam rocket made in a West Bank village to Israeli authorities last week, Army Radio reported Monday.   
According to the report, PA security forces found the rocket ready to be launched towards central Israel.
The IDF said that intelligence gathered by the Palestinian security apparatus led to the discovery, which the army said was due to the successful cooperation between the IDF, the Civil Administration and PA forces.
The IDF said that this cooperation had been reflected in several recent cases, including right-wing activists’ illegal entry into Jericho, where, the army stressed, cooperation between both forces prevented a violent confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis.
Another example the army noted was the coordinated entry of some 600 worshipers near Kalkilya. 
In other West Bank activity, IDF soldiers arrested five Palestinians in operations overnight Sunday.
The detainees were transferred to security forces for interrogation.
EarlierSunday night, IDF soldiers discovered a knife on a Palestinian south ofNablus. The Palestinian was transferred to security forces.