PA official regrets ‘brothers of whores’ radio comment

Labor Minister Ahmed Majdalani slams head of Palestinian Workers Union after interview, unaware mikes were still open.

Palestinian Flag 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Palestinian Flag 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Palestinian Authority minister who caused a scandal to erupt when he was caught on tape cursing Palestinian workers has apologized.
On Sunday, PA Labor Minister Ahmed Majdalani issued a public apology, claiming his original intention was to insult the “occupation.”
The Palestinian Workers Union, though, has threatened to call a general strike in protest against the minister’s obscene language.
The union has also called on PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to fire the minister.
The scandal erupted last week during a live interview with Majdalani and the chairman of the Palestinian Workers Union, Bassam Zakarneh, about proposed amendments for the income tax regulations.
During the radio interview, Zakarneh strongly criticized the policies of the PA government toward Palestinian workers – a move that obviously enraged Majdalani.
The minister apparently thought the interview had ended and the microphones had been turned off when he was heard saying: “Those brothers of whores!” The profanity was clearly directed against the chairman of the Palestinian Workers Union.
In response, the surprised radio host sarcastically commented: “Thank you Mr. Minister for the nice and beautiful language from the minister.
The people and the government are grateful to you, Mr. Minister for these nice and wonderful words.”
In his public apology, Majdalani admitted he had made obscene remarks that were broadcast on air after the radio interview. He claimed the insult was actually directed against Israeli “occupation” and not the workers union. The minister explained he was cursing Israeli measures against Palestinian farmers who have been banned from rebuilding destroyed water wells in the West Bank.