PA police may have helped snatch BBC reporter

Israeli defense establishment has no leads concerning whereabouts of abducted TV correspondent Alan Johnston.

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The Israeli defense establishment has no leads concerning the whereabouts of missing BBC reporter Alan Johnston, who was abducted in the Gaza Strip almost two weeks ago. But, according to senior security sources, BBC representatives were conducting talks with officials in the Palestinian Authority police force who might have been involved in Johnston's abduction. Johnston, 44, was abducted on March 12 when four masked gunmen snatched him from his car as he headed to his apartment in Gaza City. "There are currently no leads as to who is holding the reporter or where he is being held," said a security source. Two Fox News employees were abducted last summer and held in Gaza for two-and-a-half weeks. "We hope he is released before two weeks are up on Monday," the sources said. On Tuesday, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said the British government was "using every channel and opportunity" to secure Johnston's release. AP contributed to the report.