Palestinian group launches 'Gaza Holocaust' website

To mark Operation Cast Lead Gaza organization publishes "encyclopedia" documenting "Israeli war crimes," lists soldiers, officers involved.

operation cast lead (photo credit: Associated Press)
operation cast lead
(photo credit: Associated Press)
A Palestinian organization on Sunday launched a website ahead of the second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead which documents "Israeli war crimes" called "the electronic encyclopedia of the Gaza holocaust."
The Ibdaa institute for research and training, the organization behind the website, was founded in January 2007 and presents itself as apolitical.
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The website includes the names and ranks of dozens of soldiers and officers involved in the operation in an attempt to present "crimes" that the IDF committed against the Palestinian population, the sights founders claimed.
IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi appears at the top of names along with Major-Generals Dan Harel and Eliezer Marom, Avi Mizrahi among others.
The list of names did not seem to include new names that have not already been published by other Arab and Palestinian forums.
The website states that one of its goals is "to expose to the world the faults of the Zionist propaganda, which says the occupation soldiers damaged the resistance" and "to support and provide the investigators with material."
The site contains graphic images and footage of casualties, as well as testimonies from eyewitnesses.
The IDF on Sunday warned officers throughout the military that the social network Facebook site could be used by the country’s enemies to glean classified information after their names and personal information was published on the "Gaza Holocaust" website.
In a letter sent recently to all commanders in the army from the Operations Directorate, officers were urged to inform their subordinates about the risks that exist on websites such as Facebook.