Palestinian protesters burn Danish flag

Masked Palestinian gunmen riddled a picture of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen with bullets on Tuesday, and set fire to a mock Danish flag as the fury that has swept the Muslim world over a set of Danish cartoons refused to subside. The torched flag bore the English-language inscription, "Go to Hell." The caricatures, first published in Denmark and then reprinted in various European newspapers, show the Prophet Muhammad - itself an offense because Islamic tradition bars the depiction of the faith's founder. Fanning the flames was one cartoon showing Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban. "There is no God but Allah," cried Rafah protesters, who carried rifles and shoulder-fired rocket launchers. In a separate demonstration in Gaza City, dozens of students marched with the green Hamas flags, which recently won Palestinian elections, and vowed to Muhammad, "We will redeem you with our souls." "The jihad holy war is our way," they chanted. "We are ready to do the utmost, and die for our God."