Palestinian rights groups condemn Gaza executions

One of the three men that were hanged was found guilty by a Hamas court of "collaboration" with Israel.

Hamas execution [file] 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Stringer .)
Hamas execution [file] 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Stringer .)
Palestinian human rights organizations have condemned Saturday’s execution of three men in the Gaza Strip.
One was hanged after being found guilty by a Hamas court of “collaboration” with Israel. The other two were convicted on charges that included murder and homosexuality with a minor.
Hamas did not release the names of any of the three, who were executed early Saturday at a Hamas-run security installation in Gaza City.
The Hamas Interior Ministry, which oversees the work of the security forces in the Gaza Strip, said in a statement that that the executions had been aimed at “protecting the safety of the public.” The three had been sentenced to death by hanging by a Palestinian military court, the ministry said.
The ministry added that in accordance with the law and traditions, the families of the victims were asked at the last minute whether they were willing to forgive the convicts. The families declined, paving the way for the executions.
Hamas authorities did not provide further details about the charges against the man charged with “collaboration.”
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights condemned the executions, saying they were in violation of the law and constitution.
It pointed out that executions require the approval of the PA president – something that was not made available in this case. It also said it was opposed in principle to the death penalty because it was inhuman and in violation of human rights.
PA Health Minister Fathi Abu Mughli also condemned the executions, especially because they coincided with World Health Day.