Police patrol summit city aggressively; demonstrations calm

Authorities barred visitors to the US Naval Academy in preparation for this week's Mideast peace conference and prepared to block off streets and waterways before representatives from Israel, Arab states and international envoys gather for a daylong meeting. A pro-Israel demonstration just outside the academy's main entrance on Monday drew about 15 protesters calmly waving signs in light rain. They said they were concerned that the conference would lead to concessions that would result in the loss of Israeli land. One sign read, "Keep Jerusalem and Israel United." Another had a map of Israel with the legend, "Not One Inch." One man periodically blew a shofar, the traditional Jewish ram's horn. A woman waved the flag of Israel. Robert Turk of Colbrook, Connecticut, the international chairman of an activist group called B'nai Elim, said he was worried the negotiations would "piecemeal Israel out of existence." He also said he feared President George W. Bush had called the conference to pressure Israel to make concessions. "There should be no concessions whatsoever. None."