Ramallah: Assailants torch two broadcast vehicles

Assailants torched two broadcast trucks in the West Bank town of Ramallah, prompting a protest rally by Palestinian journalists on Saturday. The vehicles, owned by the Palestinian Media and Communication Company, a private production company, were set on fire Friday evening. There was no claim of responsibility and security officials said they had no leads. The manager of the company, Maher Shalabi, blamed growing lawlessness in the Palestinian territories. "The press is becoming a goal for aggression," Shalabi said. About 30 journalists staged a protest rally in downtown Ramallah on Saturday. "This is a message directed to all journalists, especially those who try to deliver this story in a true and neutral way," said Nader Shiyoukhi, a reporter for the Lebanese TV channel ANB. "Defend the journalists," read a banner carried by the journalists.