Report: Egypt confiscates weapons en route to Gaza

Artillery shells and anti-aircraft missiles reportedly found in the Sinai were headed for smuggling tunnels.

Gaza smuggling tunnel 311 (photo credit: AP)
Gaza smuggling tunnel 311
(photo credit: AP)
Egyptian authorities discovered three weapons chaches headed for Gaza, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported on Tuesday.
Egyptian sources told Ma'an that Cairo is continuing campaign against arms smuggling in the Sinai that began on Thursday.
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A warehouse was reportedly found in Nakhel, in the Sinai, with 30 artillery shells and 20 anti-aircraft missiles. In addition, 80 anti-aircraft missiles were found in the side of a mountain, while 50 more such missiles and other weapons were found in Wadi Hurriya.
Ma'an reported that the weapons were on their way to be smuggled into Gaza border town Rafah through underground tunnels.
On Sunday, Egyptian sources found five missile and TNT caches in Sinai that were planned to be smuggled into Gaza, Ma'an reported.
According to the report Egyptian forces found 110 antiaircraft missiles, over 100kg of explosives material.