Report: Israeli spy arrested in Lebanon

Lebanese newspaper reports Palestinian suspected of aiding Israel.

idf arrest311 (photo credit: ap)
idf arrest311
(photo credit: ap)
A Palestinian resident of Lebanon was arrested Friday by the Lebanese intelligence servies under the suspicion that was serving as an Israeli informant, Radio Israel cited a report from the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar.
The suspected agent admitted to assisting Israeli intelligence since 2005. The suspect was said to have been captured with an advanced internet-enable communication device that allowed him to keep in regular contact with his handlers.
RELATED:Israeli Arab charged with spyingLebanon nabs 3 alleged spies for IsraelLebanon's arrest of the Israeli spy suspect is part of on-going intelligence war between the two countries - one that actively recruits members of the ethnic Palestinian minority in both countries to conduct espionage.
Israeli Arab political activist Amir Mahoul was charged in May in Haifa District Court with espionage, assisting an enemy in time of war and maintaining contact with an enemy agent while allegedly working for Lebanese terror group Hizbullah.
Prosecutors charged that Mahoul sent 10 messages to his Hizbullah contacts that included information on the location of the Shin Bet offices in Jalama and Haifa, with their exact addresses, and the locations of the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. plant on the Acre-Haifa highway, Mossad facilities in the center of the country and other sensitive information.