Russian FM: Don't politicize Hariri murder probe

Russia warned on Saturday against politicizing the investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The Foreign Ministry also called on Syria to cooperate with investigators following up on the recently released UN report linking top Syrian officials to Hariri's assassination. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was to head to New York Saturday to attend a meeting of the UN Security council. "One should not rush to hasty conclusions that could create additional tensions in the region. The investigation will continue and the final conclusion will be made by the Lebanese law enforcement agencies. Only a court can determine who is guilty," the ministry said. The United States, Britain and France, all permanent Security Council members, promoted a resolution this week threatening tough sanctions against Syria if it fails to cooperate with the Hariri assassination investigation. However, Moscow, a veto-wielding, permanent member of the Security Council, has signaled that it would try and block the introduction of sanctions against Syria.