Saddam asked lawyers not to appeal for his life

Hours before Saddam Hussein's execution, the ousted Iraqi leader asked his attorneys not to appeal for his life and accused the United States and Iran of collaborating to hang him, according to a copy his will. As part of Saddam's final wishes, he gave his chief lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi the right to "decide whatever is related to me except appealing for the life of Saddam Hussein to any of the presidents, kings, Arabs or foreigners," read a copy of the will obtained by The Associated Press. Saddam dictated his will to al-Dulaimi during a meeting that also included his co-defendants, according to a copy of the will that was faxed to the AP from another Saddam lawyer, Amin el-Deeb. El-Deeb said the meeting took place 24 hours before Saddam's Dec. 30 execution. El-Deeb said he was not present at the meeting, and numerous attempts to reach al-Dulaimi went unanswered. Attempts to reach other defense attorneys for Saddam also were not successful.