Saudi FM calls for a nuclear-free Middle East

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said Thursday that his country will work to turn the Middle East into a nuclear free zone, including Iran and Israel. "We ... expressed hope that Iran would accept the policy of a nuclear free zone in the Middle East," said FM Saud al-Faisal, adding his country will discuss the issue "with Iran sensibly and with sensitivity to each other concerns." But "From our perspective...if that is to be so that has to include the state of Israel which already has atomic weapons," he said. The Saudi minister also said that his country welcomed a decision by the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers to restore some humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Stressing the importance of "keeping the assistance the Palestinians' need in order to better their lives," al-Faisal said "We must all know...keeping money away from them ...(will) increase their misery and increase the radicalism."