Saudi police arrest terrorist on most-wanted list

Saudi police arrested a terror suspect on the country's list of most wanted terrorists Tuesday, according to the pan-Arab Al-Arabiyah television network. The report said that Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Mohammed al-Suwailmi was arrested in Buraydah, central Saudi Arabia. The channel described al-Suwailmi as an expert in communications. Other details were not immediately available. The Saudi government is waging a campaign against Islamic terrorists, who have staged numerous terror attacks since May 2003. Terrorists have singled out Westerners holding important positions in the oil industry in a bid to cripple the economy. From an initial most wanted list of 26 terrorists issued in December 2003, all but one have been killed or captured. With the capture of al-Suwailmi, police have also now killed or captured eight of the 15 figures on a new list issued in June who were believed to still be in the country. Some 21 others on the list are believed to be outside Saudi Arabia.