Saudis slam int'l community for not halting Israel

Saudi Arabia criticized the international community Monday for failing to halt Israel's bombardment of Lebanon. But the kingdom also reiterated its accusations that Hizbullah had provoked the Jewish state. "The absolute support by some countries for Israeli policies has prevented the (United Nations) Security Council from making a decision on the issue, said Culture and Information Minister Iyad Madani in remarks that appeared aimed at the United States, although he did not name it. "The international reaction to the all-out war launched by Israel shows the international community's laxity and indifference toward Israeli crimes," Madani said in statement issued after a regular Cabinet meeting chaired by King Abdullah. In spite of Madani's admonishment, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal has not modified his remarks against the guerrilla group Saturday. While attending an emergency meeting of Arab League foreign ministers, Al-Faisal referred to Hizbullah's capture of Israeli soldiers as "unexpected, inappropriate and irresponsible acts" and an "uncalculated adventure."