Seven Kuwaiti Shi'ites to face trial over Mughniyeh eulogy

Seven Kuwaiti Shi'ites will face trial for allegedly sending a statement to Lebanese and Iranian TV stations eulogizing a slain Hezbollah militant, their lawyer said Tuesday. Attorney Abdul-Karim bin Haidar said the prosecution charged the men with "spreading false news about the situation in the country," by sending that statement which "weakened the position of the state abroad." He said his clients deny any connection to the statement, which was broadcast by Hezbollah's Al-Manar television in Lebanon, and Iran's state-run Arabic channel Al-Alam. Several of the seven, who include four former legislators and one cleric, attended a eulogy for Mughniyeh in Kuwait shortly after he was killed in a car bomb in Syria in February. The ceremony sparked an outcry in this predominantly Sunni nation which blames Mughniyeh for a 1988 hijacking of a Kuwait Airways flight and killing two of its passengers. Authorities have launched an investigation into the eulogy.