Syria issues arrest warrant for Walid Jumblatt

A Syrian military prosecutor issued an arrest warrant Monday for a prominent Lebanese lawmaker charged with inciting the US to invade Syria, a lawyer said. Syrian authorities referred the warrant to Interpol, requesting that Walid Jumblatt by brought to Syria "by force," attorney Hossam al-Deen Habash told The Associated Press. Lebanon's prosecutor general received the court summons for Jumblatt and two other men, but has yet to formally notify them - a process that can take weeks or months. After formal notification, the three have a week to appear before the Syrian court, Habash said. The lawsuit began after Jumblatt gave an interview to The Washington Post in January, in which he responded to a question about what he wanted from the United States by saying: "You came to Iraq in the name of the majority. You can do the same thing in Syria." Jumblatt is a member of Lebanon's anti-Syrian parliamentary majority that has accused Syria of responsibility for Hariri's assassination - a charge Damascus has repeatedly denied.