Syria: To reject Iraq report will mean ME failure

Syria on Sunday warned that United States that it would face hatred and failure in the Mideast if the White House rejects recommendations made by a US advisory panel on Iraq. Syria's ruling party's Al-Baath newspaper urged US President George W. Bush to take the Iraq Study Group's report seriously because it would "diminish hatred for the US in region." "But if it failed to pick up the positive signals either in the report or in the Syrian welcome of what the report has contained, it (the US) would remain drowned in the quagmire and the situation in the region and the entire world would remain unstable," the newspaper said. The Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan commission, released a report last week that called the situation in Iraq "grave and deteriorating" and urged the US to try to engage Syria and Iran in a diplomatic effort to bring stability to Iraq. It also called for direct talks between Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinians.