Tens of thousands celebrates release of Kuntar, 4 Hizbullah POWs

Hizbullah's leader told tens of thousands of cheering supporters on Wednesday that there would be no more defeats at the hand of Israel as they celebrated the return of five freed Lebanese guerillas released by the Jewish state in return for the bodies of two soldiers that led to its 2006 war with the Iranian-backed group. Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Hizbullah had achieved its two major goals since the end of the war, to gain the release of all Lebanese prisoners in Israel and form a national unity government from the country's fractured political parties. "The age of defeats is gone, and the age of victories has come. This people, this nation gave a great and clear image today to its friends and enemies that it cannot be defeated," Nasrallah said before being whisked away by bodyguards. Large banners behind him read "divisive victory" and "God's achievement by our hands."