UK warns citizens against traveling to Gaza Strip

The government on Friday warned Britons against traveling to the Gaza Strip for any reason, citing the abduction of two Westerners by gunmen earlier in the week. Until now, the Foreign Office had warned Britons against all nonessential travel to the area, to the West Bank with the exception of Ramallah, Jericho and Bethlehem, and to Israel's borders with Lebanon and Gaza. "We strongly advise against all travel to the Gaza Strip because of the security situation and continuing threat of kidnap of foreign nationals," the latest Foreign Office advisory reads. "The most recent incident occurred on Dec. 21, when an Australian national and Dutch national were kidnapped. British nationals have also been kidnapped in previous incidents." "Since October, the Gaza Strip has been frequently closed without warning, preventing people entering or leaving Gaza." The two most recent kidnap victims are teachers at an American school. They were abducted by gunmen who stopped their car north of Gaza City.