UNRWA criticizes Palestinian infighting

UN agency blames shutdown of Gaza's only power plant on Hamas and PA.

Sleepless in Gaza 311 (photo credit: Screenshot)
Sleepless in Gaza 311
(photo credit: Screenshot)
The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) called on the different Palestinian factions Sunday to stop the infighting in order to solve a developing electricity crisis in Hamas-run Gaza.
"It is such a tragedy that, on top of all the other crises that we have in the Gaza Strip, we now have a crisis of electricity," John Ging, director of UNRWA in Gaza, was quoted by AFP as saying.
RELATED:Europeans seek $100 million investment in West Bank power grid"It's an unbearable situation here at the moment, and it needs to be solved very quickly. It's a Palestinian problem, made by Palestinians, and causing Palestinian suffering. So let's have a Palestinian solution," he added.
The single power plant in Gaza, which normally generates 25 percent of the electricity used in the Strip, was shut down over the weekend due to a payment dispute between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.
The European Union used to pay for the plant's fuel as part of an aid package to the Palestinian Authority.
However, the EU decided to start scaling back and said it wants the Palestinian Authority to find other ways to pay for the fuel. The Palestinian Authority demands that Hamas pay its share.