'US pushing Israel to attack Syria'

Damascus paper: US stopping peace talks; calls IDF exercises threatening.

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Washington is preventing Israel from making peace with Syria and instead is pushing it to wage war, the Arab country's government-owned daily Tishrin read on Monday. The paper said that recent moves made by the US including supplying Israel with weapons and agreeing to a $30 billion aid-package are methods the country was implementing to push the Jewish state to wage war on Damascus. It also accused Israel of threatening the region by holding large-scale army exercises. Israel's recent military maneuvers not only pointed to the fact that the country refused to make peace with Syria, but also proved that the Jewish state was preparing for war, claimed Tishrin. Israel, claimed the paper, is working "around the clock and stages exercises as preparation for the next round of war. It is no secret that declarations of war being tossed freely by Israeli officials against Syria are not just empty statements, but are significant promises regarding Israeli intentions against Syria." Further, the paper stated that "even if Israel is not the direct cause of the tragedies, murders and crimes in our area, [Israel] is indirectly [responsible for them]."