W. Bank: IDF dog injures Palestinian protester

Following clashes between Border Police and demonstrators in W. Bank village Kfar Kadum, IDF sets dog on protesters.

Palestinian protester bitten by IDF dog 370 (photo credit: Courtesy )
Palestinian protester bitten by IDF dog 370
(photo credit: Courtesy )
Border Police set an army dog on a group of demonstrators, following clashes between the officers and stone-throwers in Kfar Kadum, West of Nablus on Friday, in a protest that the IDF called violent.
Border Police shot tear-gas projectiles and rubber-coated bullets and local youth threw stones at the police, said spokesman for the Palestinian NGO The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Jonathan Pollak, in a statement.
The dog attacked one of the Palestinian protesters, biting him on the arm for several minutes and wounding him. The IDF said that the protester was treated at the scene and did not require evacuation. The protester was detained.
Another demonstrator, who Pollak said tried to reason with the Border Police officer to release the man, was pepper sprayed and arrested. Two other residents of the village were also wounded during the demonstration by tear gas projectiles, according to the statement.
Also on Friday, three protesters were injured during the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh, Pollak said. The wounded included an Israeli woman who was hit in the head by a rubber-coated bullet, and taken to Ramallah hospital for treatment. The other two were lightly injured.